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Renegade Cruisers

Hello and welcome to Renegade Cruisers!

Renegade Cruisers' goal is to promote a free, friendly and supportive community of cruising sailors.

We have no intention of moderating the Board except under the most extreme circumstances. We feel we are a good group of people and fully capable of behaving ourselves and keeping this place fun. We will work hard to avoid rules, but here are the basic guidelines within our community:

  • Pictures containing nudity be kept in good taste and limited to the Cruising Lifestyle forum.
  • Please do not make political posts.
  • Spammer's accounts will be automatically disabled.
  • Most of all, be kind to one another.

The board is managed by the Advisory Council and the Administrators. We prefer the community to guide itself, but the Advisory Council will take disciplinary action if there is persistent disruption on the Board. We believe it's a good system that is fair and makes this a pleasant place for everyone. Members have the opportunity to express themselves, but if a topic causes disruption beyond respectful give-and-take, we ask you to back off for the sake of the community.

Nevertheless, if a specific member is persistently causing trouble, we will issue a warning to that individual via private message. If the behavior continues, the individual will receive a second warning. Any repetition may result in the Advisory Council voting to determine temporary or permanent suspension. (If you have issues you can't resolve with another member you may contact the Advisory Council)

We know of no forum that employs a democratic process for keeping it positive, so this is a bit of an utopian experiment, but we think it will work. At times, we may use polls to determine the membership's views.

For more info on the Renegade Cruiser site click here or contact the Advisory Council  by clicking here.
For technical help please contact the Administrators at

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